Fixing electrical problems at your homes are not as easy as 1-2-3. It is also not as easy as cleaning your stoves, painting your walls, expanding the kitchen or cutting trees. Even if you just want to replace an outlet in your home or fix and change any of the electrical system inside your home, it would still be dangerous in many points and you should really not attempt to do a DIY work when it comes to the electrical system of your home.


So this means that you really need to know who you are going to trust in these issues. You don’t want just anybody working on the home’s electrical system, you want someone who really knows what they are doing and who have undergone a series of training for him or her to be called a professional in this field. Each country has their very own electrician licensing requirements which can identify the people who are capable of the job.

Hence, you must really find professional forth worth electrician so that you can ensure the safety of your home and family member. Below are reasons why you should always seek the help of licensed electricians when it comes to these problems. Continue reading to know the reasons:



In order for an individual to gain license as an electrician, he must first be certified by the state. If he or she is licensed, it only means that he or she was able to train in a number of hours, he or she is taking the safety of the home owners and the home and she or he knows the rules and codes of the state.


If the electrical problem in your homes are fixed by someone who is not licensed then there is no assurance that the work he or she did will be of optimum quality. In these cases, it is very dangerous to opt for someone who is not licensed because the job the he or she did has no assurance of its quality and considering the harms that it could give to you and your family members. The work of licensed electricians are guaranteed to meet the standard quality because their training and certifications given by the state. This is important to note because your home’s electrical system should be taken really seriously.


If you are trying to sell your home then it will undergo inspections which will require your home to be on the recent code. If you are also getting insurance for your home, it will also need this up to date code. If the electrical system in your home is done by a licensed professional then the papers will show and prove that your code is up to date, it will also reflect how it is done, when and by whom.


For licensed electricians, they offer you a guarantee depending on the state. Some offers for a year guarantee, some months. If there will be something wrong that the home owner will notice, and then they can let their electrician work on it.  You can already tell that licensed electricians do take pride of their work.




Do not settle for unlicensed individuals to work on the electrical system in your home, you must really hire a licensed and equipped electrician for you to ensure that your home and your loved ones are safe from any harm. If you do not know, a single fault in the wiring in your electrical system can cause fire in your home and we all know what fire does, it burns properties and people to the ground and we would not want that. Even lights that are placed on overloaded circuits can explode when you are using a certain appliance, it can cause the fuse to blow up and it will again, cause fire. Those circuits that are not designed by a licensed electrician will damage the motor of your appliances and any gear because they give them the wrong amperage. Hence, it is easier and safer if you hire a licensed electrician.


Before you hire an electrician for your home, we are going to tell you the qualifications for a licensed electrician that could help you with a couple of your electrical system problems.

If you don’t know it yet, you can easily find a professional electrician than finding a professional tree cutter, carpet cleaner or housemaid. They are already qualified when they have their license to show to you and if they have their license, this only means that they have undergone trainings and they know the do’s and don’ts in this field. There are two degrees of a professional electrician that you should take into consideration.


Master Electricians

These people have already passed the standardized test for electricians and have gained a long two years of experience. The master electrician also knows the National Electrical Code and all the things that the state you are in has changed in one way or another. He is also capable of designing, planning, installing and maintaining the quality of your electrical system inside your lovely home.

Journeyman Electrician

This kind of electrician has not gained the masters license yet but he is already licensed by the state. The work of the journeyman is mostly needed by the state to work with the master electricians. And by law, he is cannot design electrical systems but he or she will be able to install the wirings and other equipments in your home. Although he or she is the junior of the master electrician but these journeyman electricians are very good and keen in doing their job. They are as good as the master electricians but by law, they are restrained from designing the electrical system of your home.

There is a permit that is required for you to put up your home or sell it to another person. The building inspector would take a look at your electrical system and assess it if it is still up to code and what things should be changed in your electrical system for it to pass the test. If you a hire a licensed electrician, then the papers will show how, when, and who did the electrical system in your home and if he is licensed, then surely there will be no problem in you getting the permit.




Electricians, just like doctors, have their own specialization. Other electrician’s focuses on new building constructions, in commercial work and some go for service calls for dead outlet or any other faulty electrical system. Those electricians who are specialized in remodeling has the techniques for wiring the past house and its electrical system and putting the wires into the already built walls and in checking if the circuits in the current house is still intact or if it need other revisions and stuff like that in order for it to pass the current code.


If you have a contractor for your home then most likely, they will have electricians that they trust to do the job and surely, they will recommend them to you but if incase, they do not have someone that they can rely on then you go to the local home-builders association to ask about licensed electricians and their rates. Electrical-supply houses might also have a list of licensed electricians, waiting for you. You just have to really tell them what the problem is that they need to fix and the things that you want for the electrical system of your home or your building.

Ask About License 

If you are talking to the electrician make sure that he or she can show you the copy of his or her license and the proof of insurance, take a close look at it to see if it is current or not. You can also ask him for a list of satisfied home-owners so that you can assess the quality of his or her job.

If the job for your house or building requires remodeling then you must hand the plan to your electrician from the hands of your designer and architect. The plan that you will give should show the locations of the outlets and switches. It must also have a label of fluorescent or incandescent to them. These are already ready before you have been given the chance to pick the light fixtures, thus, your electrician will need this.


Then, ask your electrician on when he or she will need these fixtures, then you can start buying for the fixtures that you want but do not immediately buy one, you just have to put it on a list and make sure to include the model number and the name of the manufacturer and refer your list to your electrician if he or she approves of it.

The most advantageous part of this is that your electrician will assume the responsibility for the warranty of the product, the defective products, the missing parts and the breakage. This will help you save money if in case you are planning to hire an electrician that does not have a license. The electrician can also tell you if the product that you are going to buy is worth your money or not. They know the best brands and they know what would really fit in your home’s electrical system. You do not need to worry about this because their work also reflects their name and license and they are doing a really good job to keep it this way.